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Calculate Engine
Gordon Holfelder, Twenty Pines Resources, Inc.
Extending Clarion's EVALUATE to support IF/THEN/ELSE and looping constructs. This allows you to put calculation processing into the hands of your users.

Examples of use:
Complicated billing rules, payroll calculations, H/R processing. There will be classes and supporting templates to add this functionality to your applications.
Clarion on Touch Devices
Bruce Johnson, CapeSoft
Considering things like;
Share data with other devices
Clarion Roadmap
Bob Zaunere, SoftVelocity
A glimpse of Clarion into the future
Code Signing Applications
Geoff Thomson, CapeSoft
What is it?
How to do it?
What kind of Certificate is needed?
Create list/combo control class and template not related to a table, but instead to work with a Queue
Rick Martin, Upper Park Solutions
Sometimes you want standard browse list functionality but you are not dealing with a table from your dictionary. Instead you want to use a local queue as the source for your
Customizing your installation with SetupBuilder
Rick Martin, Upper Park Solutions
Use SetupBuilder to create different installers from the same script for your project.

Vary the location of the source files used by the installer. This allows the same script to be used by different members of your team or by a build system where the drives and folders are not identical.

Create separate installers for different options from the same script
Data-Centric Application Development
Mike Gorman, Whitemarsh Information Systems Corporation
This presentation sets out a strategy to accomplish enterprise-wide, data-centric application development across a wide spectrum of enterprise applications. The objective is to ensure once the high-level data model and function model are developed, that Clarion can be used in a very Agile manner to develop individual applications with maximum interoperability, integration, and non-redundancy.
Discovering Clarion 10
Diego Borojovich, SoftVelocity
A walk through some features and possibilities that you may not yet have discovered in Clarion 10.
Encrypting your SQL Traffic via SSL
Rick Martin, Upper Park Solutions
Did you know that all of your program’s request to the SQL Server and more importantly all of the data return by the server is easily viewable at the network packet level?
I’ll demonstrate how network a sniffer shows every part of data transferred from the server to the client.
The Encryption will be done using a Self-Signed Certificate
Dries Driessen, Indirection
Clarion 10 brings us HttpWebRequest. Dries explores the possibilities connecting to a variety of services. Using OAuth, Dries connects to DropBox, Google Drive and OneDrive.
If Clarion is so good why aren't I rich yet?
Bruce Johnson, CapeSoft
Do you feel like every day is groundhog day? Every year is groundhog year? Are you maximising the potential of your business or just hoping to get by and survive to the next C
Implementing Full Text Search in MsSql
Rob de Jager, CapeSoft
Shows how to set up, configure, and use full text searching in Clarion applications.
Introducing the data warehouse
Shawn Mason, DBA For Hire
As Clarion developers we are all familiar with proper relational data modeling. It is the backbone of every program we write. The entire template system is written assuming
Keynote Address
Bob Zaunere, SoftVelocity
Make Your Program Better With CapeSoft
Bruce Johnson, CapeSoft
In this session Bruce, Geoff and Rob will show how almost any program can be made better using CapeSoft Accessories. You'll be amazed at the impact simple things will have on
Jim Morgan, Mitten Software
Andy Wilton, Noyantis
Q & A with Robert Zaunere
Bob Zaunere, SoftVelocity
Running my Clarion App on Mobile Devices via TSPlus
Arnold Young, Nice Touch Solutions, Inc.
Running a Clarion program online by accessing a TS Plus server from any mobile device.
Sending SMS/Text Messages
Mike Hanson, BoxSoft Corporation
SMS messaging is a great way to communicate with customers in real time. There are many ways to achieve this with Clarion. What are they? Which should you use?
SQL Direct
Gordon Holfelder, Twenty Pines Resources, Inc.
A classy way to access the ODBC API. I have created a new set of Clarion classes that provide access to the full range of ODBC functions. The classes provided allow you to con
SQL Script Manager
John Hickey, POSitive Software Company
Succession Planning
Paul Epner, Foundation Medical Systems
I believe many of us have a small, loyal client base that absolutely depends on us to support and maintain applications that are used daily by clients. My presentation is aim
Things Every Developer Needs to Know About People
Mike Hanson, BoxSoft Corporation
You want to create "user friendly" applications, but do you know how people think, what gets their attention, and how they work? This collection of insights into the mind of
TS Plus
Adrien Carbonne, TSplus
Camille & Adrien Carbonne are coming from France to show how TSPlus can easily take your Clarion desktop application with literally no changes and deliver your application to your customers remotely.
Tweaking the Clarion IDE Options (no Addins required)
Rick Martin, Upper Park Solutions
There are options in the IDE that you can make beyond what is available in the Tools -> Options menu.
-- Customize layouts – how to copy your custom layout between Clarion versions or machines
-- Picture pools

Digging a bit deeper into some of the Options that aren't normally discussed, like customizing the color highlighting scheme.
Ultimate Programming
John Hickey, POSitive Software Company
ClarionLive curates a collection of small utilities and classes - This short session covers what's available.
Using Dot Net from Clarion
Marcin Kawalerowicz, CODEFUSION Sp. z o.o.
The interoperability solution that is based on unmanaged exports – modified .NET libraries that are accessible form Clarion. The managed methods are not exposed as such. Instead, inverse P/Invoke thunks, automatically created by the common language runtime, are exported. These thunks provide the same marshaling functions as “conventional” P/Invoke thunks, but in the opposite direction. Using this method we were able not only to connect a full blown .NET based BPMN Engine to Clarion (we will use this as a convenient example to illustrate what we’ve done) but we are able to inject Microsoft WPF based controls to Clarion created windows. With this and a set of callback functions (for .NET to talk back to Clarion – to do the evaluates for example), we built a production grade extension to Clarion based software.
Virtualization technologies and capabilities
Arbra Calvert, Pro I.T. Services and Support
Software developers should be using virtualization technologies to test their programs and newer versions of their tools before deploying such systems. It is an ideal way to
Where@ Thin@ 3.2 and new GUI Manager
Marko Golem, RIS
- new server diagnostic tool to detect installation problems - new feature: Thin@ automatic window resizer (allow automatic full screen windows) - new thin@ 3.2 java client